Verified Supplier Result for Azzurro Ltd

32 Viking Road Brownsburn Estate ,Airdrie,United Kingdom,ML6 9SE
Reg No. DUNS No. Site Function(s) Location(s)
Head Office, Sales and/or Customer Service, Assembly, Scotland, England,

Published : 30/10/17

Agreements : 12



Validated: Bronze Silver Gold
30/10/17 73% achieved 57% achieved 43% achieved

Performance change:

Bronze Change: 73%

Silver Change: 57%

Gold Change: 43%


Reference Agreement Title
MT0613 BioQuarter Furniture
HWU/1737 FF&E Supplier: THE GRID
Nescol FFE1011 Furniture (Supply, Delivery & Installation of)
MT0746 Appleton Tower Furniture
MT0741 Dalek Chairs for teaching rooms
MT0649 Main Library Furniture - Tables
FFE1011 AP Furniture (Supply, Delivery & Installation of)
EC-1819-0020-00 Sighthill Classroom Furniture
UOS-12248-2018 Supply of Furniture for the Centre for Sport and Exercise
MT0658 Easterbush Innovation Centre/Equine Surgery Furniture
ENU-1819-FA-003 Furniture APUC Framework Agreement Lots 1-3
UoD-FFE1011-AP Furniture (Supply, Delivery and Installation)

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