Verified Supplier Result for Ede & Ravenscroft Ltd

Unit 51 Denny Industrial Estate Waterbeach,Cambridge,United Kingdom,CB25 9QD
Reg No. DUNS No. Site Function(s) Location(s)
Raw Material Processing (e.g. timber, paper, fuels), Assembly, Manufacture, Logistics (including warehousing and transport), Disposal/Recycling, Scotland, England, Wales, Northern Ireland,

Published : 13/08/19

Agreements : 8



Validated: Bronze Silver Gold
13/08/19 66% achieved 31% achieved 25% achieved

Performance change:

Bronze Change: 66%

Silver Change: 31%

Gold Change: 25%


Reference Agreement Title
UOS-14152-2019 Gown Hiring and Photographic Services
ENU-1819-0017-0 Graduation Services
AU15/34 Gowns & Photography
EC0732 Graduation Gown and Academic Outfit Hire Services
GC-AR-2018-10 Graduation Photography Services (Ede & Ravenscroft)
GP0216 Graduation Photography
2016/DAC/ITQ2 Graduation Services
023/15/LM Graduation Gowns

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