Verified Supplier Result for TECAN UK

Theale Court 11-13 High Street Theale,Reading,United Kingdom,RG7 5AH
Reg No. DUNS No. Site Function(s) Location(s)
02027512 Sales and/or Customer Service, Home/Lone/Remote Workers, Scotland, England, Wales, Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland,

Published : 07/08/18

Agreements : 4



Validated: Bronze Silver Gold
07/08/18 51% achieved 14% achieved 8% achieved

Performance change:

Bronze Change: 51%

Silver Change: 14%

Gold Change: 8%


Reference Agreement Title
LAB1014 AP Liquid Handling Robotics & Laboratory Automation Systems
16518/AT/2019 Plate Washer - Vets
UoD-LAB088-TC-2 Imaging Plate Reader
UoD-LAB011-TC-2 Liquid Handling Robot and Related Accessories, Consumables, Service - Tecan

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